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The Last Jedi – review

I’ve left it a while to post this review, for two reasons. Firstly, I needed to see the film again to gather my thoughts. Secondly: here be spoilers, so I was waiting until most of those who have an interest had probably seen it. Overall, I wasn’t that impressed. This was, in part, because the […]

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The Worm Within – book review

The Worm Within is a story of loyalty, intrigue and extra-dimensional threats set in a future so far distant it looks a lot like a mythical past. The protagonist, Iago, is a sorcerer’s apprentice, of sorts; he is also an orphan with a destiny, who goes on what could be seen as a quest. These […]

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Review – Winterwood

I should read my outside my comfort zone more often: this book proves it. Winterwood by Jacey Bedford is an easy, compelling read which ticks loads of boxes – pirates, fae, adventure, angst, ghosts, wild magic – whilst managing to surprise you with unexpected plot developments and delight you with its beautifully paced story and […]

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Review: Occupy Me

If I had to categorise Occupy Me it would be as speculative fiction about a secret and unseen war. Or about secret and unseen dimensions; also, time-travel and non-linear causality. Or perhaps as an exploration of selflessness through conflict. Or maybe a mystery thriller where the mystery stretches human comprehension. Actually, I’d rather not try and […]

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Review: Sailor to a Siren

If you like your space opera fast and violent, this book is for you. The story centres on two brothers, Connor and Logan: Connor is the (relatively) responsible one, and worries for his feckless brother – especially when Logan rekindles a old relationship with a dangerous woman. Both of them are neck-deep in gang politics […]

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Review: Crashing Heaven

I have to admit an interest here: I’ve known Al Robertson for some time, both as a writer and as a friend. But whilst I’ve always known he was a good writer – a damn good writer even – I have to confess that not everything of his I’ve read (and in some cases critiqued) […]

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Review: Empire of Dust

Space Opera isn’t dead; instead, delightfully, it has grown up. Empire of Dust, the debut novel from Jacey Bedford, published by DAW, is a fine example of a novel which has its roots in the sub-genre, but grows beyond it. Cara Carlini is a woman with a past, and she’s running away from it as […]

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Shadowboxer cover

Review – Shadowboxer

Referring to a female protagonist as feisty, sassy or plucky in a book review is likely to result in a rolling of eyes. Rightly so in most cases but Jade, the hero of Shadowboxer, earns the right to those terms. Jade is an adolescent cage fighter. That phrase might make you suck in a sharp […]

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Review: Mars Evacuees

Sophia MacDougall’s Mars Evacuees isn’t my normal fare, but I loved it. It’s on the border between YA (Young Adult) and MG (Middle Grade), which I believe means it’s aimed at ages ten to twelve, and the twelve-year-old in me devoured it happily. Because I’ve not read much in this genre I may have missed […]

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