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Omitted Channels – 1

This week I was interviewed for a podcast (more on that later) and the presenter kindly offered me the chance to promote my stuff. Being (a) British and (b) female this was somewhat excruciating; even more so as I don’t have much to promote right now (this may change soon: again, more later). Of course […]

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What’s here…

… and elsehere. If you’re reading this then you are one of a select few; this website does not get much traffic. However, it’s been around since tweeting was confined to birds and George Bush was considered the worst possible US president. It’s not going anywhere. Up-to-date info about my books and stories will be […]

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Patronage for the 21st Century

As you may know (because I have been going on about it elsewhere) I’ve just got myself a page on¬†Patreon. If you’ve not come across it, Patreon is a way for people to support artists, who they call ‘creators’, a term which gives me mild delusions of grandeur. People who like a creator’s stuff give […]

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