Short Stories and Novellas

‘The Martian Job’ – cover by Jim Burns

Downside Girls

A collection of linked short stories set on Khesh City, available as an ebook from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords.

The Ships of Aleph

A novella-length adventure story set in the Hidden Empire universe, available as an ebook from Amazon UK, Amazon US and Smashwords.

The Martian Job

A stand-alone interplanetary heist. Novella in print and ebook formats available from Newcon Press, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

A Selection of Short Story Credits

‘The Path to the Sun’ appeared in ‘On Spec’ and ‘Would That It Were’ magazines in January 2002 (now available for free).
‘The Chatterslee Circle’ appeared in ‘Fortean Bureau’ webzine in July 2003
‘Paying For Rain’ appeared in ‘Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine’ in August 2004
‘Fear Not Heaven’s Fire’ appeared in ‘Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine‘ in June 2007
‘The Prettiest Star’ appeared in ‘Escape Velocity’ magazine in November 2007
‘High Ground’ appeared in ‘Sci-Phi‘ webzine in May 2009
‘A Mirror to Life’ appeared in ‘DayBreak’ (the ‘Shine’ anthology webzine) in May 2010 and you can read it for free here
‘King of Pain’ appeared in ‘Aoife’s Kiss’ magazine in March 2010
‘Twilight at the Change House’ appeared in End of an Aeon in July 2011
‘Dreaming Towers, Hidden Mansions’ appeared in Solaris Rising in November 2011
‘Not the Territory’ appeared in The Alchemy Book of Urban Mythic in October 2013
‘Down at the Lake’ appeared in Wicked Women in October 2014
‘The Sky Quakes, the Earth Weeps’ appeared in The Mammoth Book of Tales from the Vatican Vaults in August 2015
‘Liberty Bird’ appeared in Now We Are Ten in July 2016 and won the 2016 BSFA Short Fiction Award.


Designed by Martin Reed


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