Massage at 7,500ft

Until we arrived here yesterday morning, all I knew about Arequipa was that it had a volcano, was built of white stone, and, at 7,500ft was a good place to start acclimatising the Andean altitudes. From what little I´ve seen in our short stay here, it is a very different place to Lima. It feels more […]

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Big Gate, no Roof

Perhaps the best place to get over jet-lag is a resort in what these days passes for paradise. On my last (and only other) trip round the world, we spent a few days in Fiji at just such a resort, surrounded by other jet-lagged tourists, waited on by staff trained to deal with jet-lagged tourists. The […]

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Lagged in Lima

My mate Karen, who is a bit of a party animal, used to get sent to Australia regularly as part of her job. She used to deal with jet lag by staying awake the entire weekend, then boarding the plane at aaarrrgh o’clock Monday morning, sleeping for 24 hours, and getting off fully adjusted to […]

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Before I go

This entry is not writing avoidance. This entry is stress relief and pessimism magic. I haven’t done much writing in the last few weeks because I’ve been planning the Big Trip, a three and a half month round the world holiday due to start approximately sixteen hours from now. I’m not in the habit of […]

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As I feared, I’m blogging to avoid real work. Well, not entirely, because I always intended to write up my Worldcon experiences, and the fact that it’s taken over a month to get around to it is partly due to catching up on ‘proper’ writing. That and the day job and organising the Big Trip. […]

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Hullo world!

I admit to being in two minds about this whole blogging thing. On the one hand, I am lazy and have a natural distrust of technology. On the other, I enjoy blathering on about my life as much as the next woman, and out in livejournal land my words will be read, my actions and […]

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  • Whilst I have too much work on to take time off to fully enjoy the so far, one of the joys of being a freelancer is that I can do my work sitting in the garden. ,
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  • We've had our first possible purchasers round to view the house. Now we're playing a game called 'Where did I put all the Stuff when I tidied everything up?',