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We’re halfway through the year, and I’ve found 2024 to be a mixture highs and lows, with perhaps more of the latter. I’ve written many words but as most were for a video-game that won’t come out, they will remain unseen. The world is a still a shitshow, with humans still screwing each other over for ideology or profit across the globe, and the upcoming elections in the UK and US causing extra stress (will my fellow Brits do what needs to be done? will sense win out over credulous idiocy across the pond?)

On one matter, that of social media, things do at least seem to have calmed down a bit. TwiXitter limps on uncomfortably, but we no longer get a new platform announced every other week. As mentioned at the beginning of the year, I’ve settled on Threads, Instagram, Facebook (look right for links!) and the now-open-to-all Bluesky (as jainefenn.bsky.social) where ‘settled’ equates to having a presence but not posting as often as I should.

****self-promotion warning****

And then there’s Patreon, which has been a constant thing for me longer than most of the above. Some of you already support me there (thank you!) but if not, I give to you this:

It’s the opening two minutes of f the latest chapter of Consorts of the Heaven, the second Hidden Empire book, brought to you thanks to Patreon’s new ‘audio preview’ feature. If you do listen to it I should warn you of two things: firstly, we’re pretty far into the story, so don’t expect to be able to work out what is going on – yes, this is a shameless teaser – and secondly, the transcription function gives unpredictable and occasionally amusing results with the invented names in the story.

If this teaser works, and you want to know more, please head over to my Patreon page and consider pledging a little bit in return for a new chapter each month. Due to the way of the world, this is currently the only way to get any of my stories in audiobook form.

****self-promotion ends****

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