Omitted Channels – 1

This week I was interviewed for a podcast (more on that later) and the presenter kindly offered me the chance to promote my stuff. Being (a) British and (b) female this was somewhat excruciating; even more so as I don’t have much to promote right now (this may change soon: again, more later). Of course I only remembered afterwards the one thing I should always mention.

And so, by way of exorcising the demons of self-doubt. and embracing shameless self-promotion instead, I’m mentioning it here.

I have a Patreon, and not just any Patreon. As my publishers are unlikely to turn the Hidden Empire novels into audiobooks, my editor gave me permission to record them myself (my partner has a small home studio, and I’ve had some voice training), provided they were not given general release. Giving them a very exclusive release, to Patrons only, is fine. So that’s what I did, putting out a chapter a month.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, which means the whole of Principles of Angels is up there, along with about half of Consorts of Heaven, assorted short stories and a very sweary plooper reel. And – just in case I didn’t mention it – this is a world exclusive, available nowhere else. Here’s the link.

I’m going to have a cup of tea now.


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