My Eastercon Schedule

For anyone who’s going to Follycon, here’s where I’ll be, and when:

Friday 5.30pm – Newcon Press Launch Party in the Drawing Room, with Ian Whates and several oner Newcon authors. There will be drinks. And maybe a reading from me as technically, one of the many Newcon titles being launched is ‘The Martian Job’.

Saturday 3pm – ‘Fundraising Your Project’ in Syndicate 134, with Andrew Chamberlain, Farah Mendelsohn, David Wake and Kate Keen. I’ll mainly be banging on about my Patreon and listening to the other participants so I can learn from them.

Sunday 1.30pm – ‘Culture Clash’ in the Reading Room, with Jeff Noon, Alistair Reynolds, Sue Oke and Nnedi Okorafor. This is all about what happens when cultures meet (or collide) and should be a lively one.

Sunday 6pm – ‘Follycon Fast Forward’ in the Reading Room with an assortment of people who don’t mind being a little daft. I’m going to owe Adrian Tchaikovsky a large drink after this.

Sunday 7pm – ‘The BSFA is 60, Hurrah! in Syndicate 134. On which I will be the token BSFA Award winner, lording it over people who’ve actually done all the hard work to keep this excellent institution going.

I might also nip into the Angry Robot launch party at 3pm on Sunday, given they’re publishing me now 😉


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