Double Story Release Bonanza!

I’ve not had much news to share here recently – OK, I could have gone on about winning the BSFA Award, but I kind of blanketed social media with my joy over that at the time – but in the last week I’ve had not one but two stories see print.

Actually, one of them is a reprint, of the very story that won that BSFA Award; ‘Liberty Bird’ has appeared in Newcon Press’s ‘Best of British SF 2016’.

The second story, out today in Maelstrom’s Edge: Escalation, is set in the dark and fascinating space opera world of the Maelstrom’s Edge universe. This world is primarily a gaming one, but its grandees approached a number of SF writers a couple of years back to help them tell some of the stories that occur in their varied and detailed future history, and I had a lot of fun doing so in my gritty not-romance ‘Over You’.

In both cases I’m sharing the bill(s) with some awesome writers: Al Reynolds, Tricia Sullivan, Adam Roberts, Liz Williams, Peter F Hamilton and Aliette de Boddard, to name but a few.


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