Patronage for the 21st Century

As you may know (because I have been going on about it elsewhere) I’ve just got myself a page on Patreon. If you’ve not come across it, Patreon is a way for people to support artists, who they call ‘creators’, a term which gives me mild delusions of grandeur. People who like a creator’s stuff give them a little bit of dosh so they can keep doing it. It only needs to be a little bit (pledges start at $1, which isn’t even a quid in real money), as this is a variation on crowd-funding where many small contributions add up to a significant whole; I’d use the phrase ‘every little helps’ if it hadn’t been co-opted by a certain supermarket.

I like this idea, and will be supporting other creators in due course, but what prompted me to go down this route myself was a desire to put out audio recordings of my stories. I like reading my stuff out, and Beloved has semi-pro recording equipment, so it made sense to record me reading. Using Patreon means I can get fund the time and effort required to get audio versions of my stories to fans. My shiny new page is here, if you want to have a look – that super-cool picture is courtesy of Zer0sum but I’ve yet to find a way to credit him on the page itself.


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