Bristolcon rocks!

I’m really looking forward to being one of the Guests of Honour at Bristolcon on Saturday 26th. My fellow Guests will be artist Chris Moore, and Jasper Fforde (note to self: do not fan-girl Jaspar Fforde), and there will be many other writers, artists and generally interesting people there too. Here’s what I’m up to:

10am Programme 1 – Lost Cities and Abandoned Places. Lost and abandoned places are an endless source of fascination, from Atlantis to Pripyat. The panelists discuss their favourite lost and abandoned places in fiction and move on to consider lost real-world places, including those we have lost in our lifetime, and how they could inspire future works of fiction. with Stark Holborn (Mod), Anne Lyle, Huw Powell, and Pete Sutton.

2pm Programme 1 – Book Launch followed by Author Signings. (The launch is for Joanne Hall‘s Spark and Carousel – and she promises cake! Actually cake is one the things I like most about Bristolcon; there’s always lots of cake.)

4pm Programme 1 – Guest of Honour Interview. (During which the evil Ian Whates will do his best to embarrass me.) Followed at 4.50pm by my reading (probably from my Current Project, though that’s TBC).

6pm Programme 2 – The Secret Life of an Editor. Editors stare out of the window and drink gin all day… or do they? What do editors actually do? Why do you need an editor? What can they do for you, and what can you do to help them get the best out of your work? with Cheryl Morgan (Mod), Alex Davis, Jen Williams and Richard Bendall

You can find a full programme listing, including the pre- and after- events on the day, here.

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