Eastercon schedule

Just in time, here’s my Eastercon schedule.

Friday 21:00 I’ll be one of Paul Cornell’s stunt readers in the Newcon Press programme stream.

Saturday 12:30 in ‘Johnson’ – More reading, from my stuff this time and it’s two for the price of one! with a chance to hear the opening of The Ships of Aleph, plus a retold fairy tale (reading slot shared with Mark Stay, not sure who’s going first).

Saturday 18:45 in ‘Johnson’ – Publish and Be Damned! In an era of massive change for publishers with self publication, electronics rights’ grabs and established authors suddenly cut adrift from their publishers, is the traditional Publisher/Author relationship under threat? How will this affect us, the reader? With Marcus Gipps, John Jarrold, Gillian Redfearn, Ian Whates and Sam Stone.

Sunday 16:15 – I’ll be signing stuff (books, hopefully) in the ‘Discovery breakout area’. Bring crampons.

Sunday 18:45 Armstrong – Kaffeklatsch.

Monday 11:15 in ‘Discovery’ – Faeries. The not-so-nice creatures at the bottom of the garden, from The Dresden Files and October Daye to Lost Girl and more. With Susan Bartholomey, Jim Butcher and Seanan McGuire.

Monday 13:45 in ‘Bleriot’ – What is a Planet Anyway? Pluto is no longer a planet. We have though discovered large numbers of exoplanets. So what is a planet really, how do they form, how are they found and why are they defined as they are? With Dave Clements and Simon Morden.


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