It rocked. I know some of those involved, and know how much hard work they put in, and how stressed they were beforehand, but as a punter, I’d say it went really well. A few small hiccups, but overall, a triumph. Highlights included:

  • The Fan Village: complete with real ale bar (natch), perpetual Finnish room party and village green (the latter also a Quidditch venue).
  • The programme: all life was here. At one point there were five items I wanted to go to on at the same time. When I get my time machine I’m going back.
  • The Masquerade: that’s right, I’m a pro writer who costumes. Get over it. Actually I no longer enter Masquerades, but I do judge them, which¬†means I got the best view of some amazing costumes.
  • The pigeons: well, the whole exhibition space in general. I got to stroke a horny lizard and reminisce over the excellent ‘Raw Spirit’ display.
  • Brad: Brad was in Idaho so he sent his telepresence robot in his stead. It asked pertinent questions at one of the AI panels and got a Hall Costume award. One day attending cons this way will be the norm but right now, it’s cool.
  • The people: I spoke to so many people I’d not seen for years. I failed to see a number of people I knew were at the con but for them at least, there will be other chances. Catching up with old friends who came out of the woodwork because this was a London Worldcon, and meeting new people, was just great.

And if you are in any doubt that all SFF life was there, check out the image that goes with this blog entry.

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  1. Jacey Bedford 20 August 2014 at 8:01 pm #

    I killed my feet, but apart from that had a lovely time meeting people. Yes, the programming was excellent, but I didn’t get to anywhere near as many programme items as I intended. I thought the fan village would have benefited from a few more tables and chairs, but having said that, I managed to get a seat when needed – and there was always plenty of seating along the concourse if the Fan Village got overcrowded. The only low point was the Fan Village food (the burger tasted like carpet and the bread was not just old, but was positively archaeological) but I gather that was the Excel Centre not the Con Runners. On the other hand I maybe got the bread that had been entered for the Masquerade as Ankh Morpork Dwarf Bread.

    Congratulations to all the organisers. Jolly well done.

    Next up: Fantasycon in York on the first weekend in September. See you there!

  2. Susan Oke 27 August 2014 at 5:12 pm #

    I attended four days out of the five and still didn’t get to see all the stuff that I wanted. Sigh. Like Jaine, I had multiple choices for each time slot on the programme (I created my own spreadsheet,which I agonised over between events). Sad, I know. But what can you do when presented with so many excellent choices?!
    Only got to two readings – Jaine your’s was ace, I recognised the piece from Queen of Nowhere, I had no idea the book evolved from a short story – great stuff. Also got to hear Alistair Reynolds read from his upcoming book, can’t wait for the last in the trilogy, love the other books (Blue Remembered Earth; On a Steel Breeze).
    I”l be there at Fantasy Con (as you know). Looking forward to it!

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