Books save us

I’ve not had a great week. I’ll spare you full details, but let’s just say bad things have happened to good people, bad people have happened to me and a moment of stupidity on my part cost me money I couldn’t spare.

Several times this week I’ve walked into the library – OK, the spare room, but it’s where most of the books are – sat down on the futon and just stared at the shelves. That’s my comfort zone, right there.

I’ve had a good book to retreat to when the various insanities of the week gave me time – Linda’s Nagata’s Limit of Vision – but my week improved considerably yesterday when I visited the local Post Office to pick up various parcels which had arrived while I was out and been too big to fit through my letterbox.

As a result my already well-stocked to-read shelves (yes shelves, there’s more than one) now include the following: Jagannath by Karin Tidbeck; Jeff Vandermeer’s Wonderbook and Paul McAuley’s Confluence trilogy. The first I’d been meaning to buy for a while, the second I saw at a friend’s house last week and Had To Have and the third was an unexpected gift from my publisher, which is always nice. 

Reviews of one or more of the above will no doubt appear here in due course.



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