Going back to the city, and some reminders

Although World Fantasy Con already seems far in the past, one of the highlights for me was the launch of The Alchemy Book of Urban Mythic, in which my story exploring some of the weirdness that may lurk under the streets of London, ‘Not the Territory’, shares the bill with such marvelous writers as Mike Resnick, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Kate Griffin. Although my first ever story sale (back in 1999) was urban fantasy, I don’t write much of this sort of fiction these days, so I enjoyed revisiting some of my old obsessions. As an added bonus, the editors also interviewed me, which was nice.

In other news, there’s still a couple of days to go on the not one! but two! giveaways currently out there where you can get your hands on my books for free: both the one by Rinn Reads (to win a copy of Downside Girls) and Upcoming4.Me (for Queen of Nowhere) run until November 20th.

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