Book! Milford! Con! … and relax

Just so’s you know, the paperback of Queen of Nowhere is now available: click on the picture to the right to find out more. (I feel bad putting Amazon links up; I’ve known what they’re like for years, even before their tax shenanigans came to light, but I’ve come to see them, if not as a necessary evil, then at least as unavoidable unpleasantness. Rather like the inland revenue, or dentists, or spiders.)

Tomorrow I’m off to Milford, where there will be rain and wine and creativity but no internet access. And, you heard it here first, one of the pieces I’m taking along this year is the opening to the next Hidden Empire novels.

After Milford, I’ll be Guest of Honour at Andromeda One in Birmingham on Sunday the 21st. Tickets for the con are still available.

And then, I’m off for a well-earned few days of doing sod-all in a posh hotel with Beloved. I think I’ll have earned it.

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