BristolCon and Goodreads

We’re back from Cornwall, where I walked along clifftops and found some quality mud as well as spending far too much money on scrumpy and handmade chocolates (though not, you’ll be glad to hear, all at the same time).

I came back to find the BristolCon programme more or less finalised. Unless there are any last minute changes I’ll be on two panels (most likely as moderator on both):

Midday: “Toilets in Space – Day to day practicalities in a fantastic universe”

5pm: “Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your stories – farming your family and friends for inspiration.”

The latter will be followed by a short reading, not sure what from yet, possibly the opening of one of the stories from Downside Girls, maybe something from Queen of Nowhere.

I’ve also got a kaffeklatche at 3pm, if anyone wants to drop in for a chat. Immediately before that, at 2pm, I’m planning on attending the launch of Stephanie Burgis‘s new book, A Reckless Magic; I picked up a copy of her earlier Kat book, A Tangle of Magicks, last year, and despite Regency YA adventure not being something I generally read, I absolutely loved it.

The first Goodreads giveaway of Downside Girls is due to kick off on Sunday or Monday, and will run until Thursday. Get in there, as they say. Unless you already have a copy of the book, of course.

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