My Edge-Lit schedule

Here’s what I’ll be up to this Saturday in Derby:

12pm – Building Characters Through Questions. Workshop, with me and whoever books a place on it. There may be an exercise, but there won’t be any homework.

2pm – Have the Limits of SF Become Blurred? Panel, with John Jarrold and Justina Robson. I’m not entirely sure what this panel will be about, which is slightly worrying given I’m moderating it. I’m sure we’ll think of something.

4pm – Reading, with Justina Robson. (That’s ‘with’ as in we’re sharing the slot, not reading out in chorus.)

As well as Justina and John, many other cool people will be there, doing things that are at least as interesting as the above. Reasonably prices tickets can be purchased from the Edge-Lit website.

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  • What, it's ? Damn, should have gone back to sleep after the alarm went off after all.,
  • Liking the guest spot for The Great Cthulhu in this week's Shame he didn't get the job.,
  • OK, I'm only going to do this once, because the deadline is today: THE MARTIAN JOB is eligible for a Hugo in the 'Best Novella' category . I feel kind of dirty now...,
  • Thanks to fully indulging my morning creative process* I managed a thousand words before breakfast. Boo-yar! *lie in bed for an hour after the alarm goes off, just THINKING.,
  • Woke up to find that the net intellectual capacity of the human race has been reduced by the size on one huge, genius brain. RIP Stephen Hawking.,