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A couple of weeks ago I had a day out in Bath. I’d hoped to visit the Roman baths, and maybe mooch around ogling the architecture, but by the time we’d fought our way through the storm lashing the English countryside and the A4 traffic-jam and then found somewhere to park it was almost time to head to my destination, the offices for SFX magazine.

Here I met up with the excellent Alastair Reynolds, who I already know, and Kim Stanley Robinson, who I have never met, and who I tried hard not to be in awe of. Actually, this was not so hard, as he’s a lovely bloke, as well as being an amazing writer. I did confess, in a fan-girl moment, to having named the computer contracting firm I ran in the 90s ‘Praxis Enterprises’ in honour of his Mars books.

SFX then let the three of us chat about how we got started as writers, cyberpunk and other labels, the current state of SF and pretty much anything else that came up in conversation. The result of this highly enjoyable discussion is being written up as we speak and will appear, I believe, in the August edition of SFX magazine.

And there may be more news on the SFX front to come. Watch this space, as they say.

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