Support Your Local Independent Bookshop

I’m hoping anyone reading this will agree with the above sentiment on principle, but if you want to make the sentiment practical, and you live in the West Country, then I invite you to come down to Clevedon Community Bookshop, Clevedon, Somerset, on July 7th. Actually, just visit anyway – they’ve got rooms and rooms (I exaggerate not) of second hand books.

I’ll be there on Saturday the 7th of July, from 6pm to 7.30pm, doing a reading, signing some books and answering questions/giving a short talk (haven’t decided exactly which yet; possibly both). Tickets for the event cost a mere £5 with includes a drink and tapas (mmm, tapas). If you fancy coming along, or want directions to the shop in order to visit in your own time, please contact Carol on 01275 218318 or email

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