Diary dates and passing spam

I have a number of writing related gigs coming up so I reckon it’s time to list them here …

7th July – Clevedon Community Bookshop have kindly invited me to do a reading, sign some books and answer questions/give a short talk. Page down for more on that.

14th July – I’ll be amongst many interesting guests at the Edge-Lit festival in Derby. Panels, readings and workshops – probably one of each from me. More details to follow.

28th – 30th September – FantasyCon in Brighton; not sure what I’ll be up to there but I’m hoping for another chance to do a reading whilst disporting myself upon a chaise lounge, which worked out well last year.

20th October – BristolCon. A fine little one-day con which I’ll be attending and hopefully participating in.

9th – 11th November – Novacon. At which I am the Guest of Honour, a prospect I’m looking forward to a lot.

In other, related, news: I have a sekrit project coming to fruition which I’ll be officially announcing here soon.

In other, unrelated, news: after weeks of relative silence, those surreal spam-bots have been at it with a vengeance today, with a variety of random comments ranging from a defence of Highland Cattle to discussions about city planning. Only one comment on my taunt to the Indian Floral Spam-bots though, which was probably not from one of the aforementioned, on the grounds it is in French. I think it relates to marmalade. The internet is not getting any less weird.

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