Eastercon – what I’m up to

I’ll be arriving on Saturday morning, after which my schedule is:

Saturday 4pm, Royal B+C ‘The Fantastic Landscape’ with Nina Allan, Niall Harrison and Paul McAuley. Exploring the part of place and setting in SFF; should be fun.

Sunday 12 noon, Royal B+C ‘Wench! Fetch Yon Tankard Here’ with Joe Abercrombie, Bella Pagan and David Tallerman. In which we discuss how to avoid character cliches and dubious dialogue, possibly with (embarrassing) examples.

Sunday 8pm in Room 12, signing session in the company of many other interesting people, I suspect.

Monday 11am, Royal B+C ‘When Science Meets SF‘ with Caroline Mullan, Nik and Tricia Sullivan. Does what it says on the tin.

At other times during the day I’m likely to be in the Dealers’ Room helping out at Liz Williams’ fabulous occult emporium. In the evening, try the bar.

I do have a spare attending membership to sell (not mine, obviously). If you’re interested in buying it, please email me using the ‘Contact Me’ button just over there –>

*and no, I’m not sure exactly what ‘Royal B+C’ is; hopefully no actual maths is involved.

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