What Jaine did on her holidays

Wrote, mainly.

However, I made sure the cottage I booked for our week in the Yorkshire Dales also fulfilled the two main holiday requirements on my checklist, to whit, easy access to: scenery (we were right in the middle of it) and a pub (the cottage was attached to one … and there was another one next door to that).

A fine week, overall. I’m now over a quarter of the way through the first tranche of rewrites for Queen of Nowhere and have also fitted in: visits to the pub-next-door; several waterfalls; wandering aimlessly across the moors*; cake; weird geology (Yorkshire has mesas: who knew?); the pub next door to the pub-next-door; accidental grouse startling** and cheese.

While I was away I was also a guest poster on the lovely Magemanda’s blog.

*for slightly longer than planned owing to using a four-dimensional map: it showed paths that have existed, or will exist, not just those that currently exist.

**they make the weirdest noise when startled, somewhere between a quack, a bark and a rusty gate.

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  1. cDave 28 September 2011 at 9:55 am #

    I tweeted “to wit” about 5 minutes before reading this post.

    Looked up online, just to make sure I was using correctly, and found that “wot” is the past tense of “wit”. Lovely.

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