Creatively retrograde

I’m a bit unusual, writing-wise. For me, the part of the story-making process that other writers enjoy most – the rush of creating that first draft – can be like nailing jelly to the ceiling while shitting melons. Revising is far easier and less painful. And actual editing of an ‘almost-there’ story – something that makes a lot of writers sigh, roll their eyes and go vacuum the cat – is often a pleasurable experience.

This is turning out to be particularly true of Bringer of Light, the final version of which I’m just starting work on in the wake of editorial feedback. Delivering this book ate a lot of my life, and caused some rather negative feelings (frustration, fear, despair etc). So, I was pleasantly surprised when I came back to the manuscript, after two months of never wanting to see it again, to find the novel doesn’t suck like a sucky thing after all. From the lack of (virtual) blue pencil marks from my editor, she largely agrees. In fact Bringer of Light might even be worth the blood, sweat and tears I expended on it. Of course, I’m not the final arbiter – the readers are. But for now at least, I’ve fallen back in love with my story.

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