Cusp days

I was meant to be Scorpio. Not actually a giant sky scorpion, but born under the sign of same. Only, I was fashionably late, and so I’m – just – Sagittarius. Not that I’m at all sure about astrology – those born in Sagittarius are meant to be moderate, athletic, reasonable people, whereas I … hmm – but I am a ‘cusp’ type of person, at home in liminal zones and a friend to paradox. (Not to mention prone to bouts of navel-gazing and pretentiousness.)

This particular birthday falls in a time of change for me. In the interests of being Mysterious (all right, mainly in the interests of not (a) boring you or (b) discussing stuff which must remain confidential for now), I’ll not give details. I will say that I’m currently living in Interesting Times. Not bad, at least compared to the crap some of those around me have recently borne, just demanding of care and attention and somewhat disruptive.

I also really do only have five days to finish Bringer of Light, because one side-effect of recent events is that the book’s delivery date has become immutable. I am, however, giving myself part of today off, not to celebrate getting a year older – I’m old enough now that I’ve started counting back down from 39 – but instead to celebrate living life on the cusp. Happy Birthday to me.

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