This weekend, I will mainly be … Sir Terry Pratchett

Actually, that’s a lie. There is only one Sir Terry, and he’s a national treasure, gawd bless ‘im. However, I will be doing something he was renowned for, back when he was combining a writing career with a day-job.

This weekend I’ll be at Newcon, in Northampton, where I will be giving a short reading at midday on Saturday and taking part in what promises to be a lively panel on the future of Space Opera on Sunday at 11am. But when not otherwise engaged, I will be sitting in the bar writing, as a certain far more illustrious writer was wont to do. Happily, things have come on, technology-wise, since the 90s, so rather than the briefcase-sized ‘laptop’ on which TP publicly created some Discworld magic, I’ve got a nifty little net-book which will be perched delicately upon my knee.

I’ve never attempted to write at an SF convention before, partly because I’m not very good at writing in a distracting environment, but mainly because I enjoy being distracted by the sort of environment cons offer. However, the rewrite death-march continues to take no prisoners, so I’ve no choice other than to combine two of my favorite pastimes – cons and writing – and hope I can get away with it. I will, of course, be working in the bar.

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  1. Patrick Mahon 1 November 2010 at 1:43 am #

    How did your plan to write at NewCon 5 go? I didn’t make it to the Con, unfortunately, but would love to know whether you managed to enjoy yourself there and get some writing done into the bargain!

  2. JaineFenn 1 November 2010 at 8:14 am #

    I did manage to both work and play at Newcon 5, thanks for asking. The new net-book is a most excellent bit of kit.

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