A thousand words

Actually you’ll continue to get rather less than that from me, as although the massive five chapter long, multiple viewpoint conflict is finally over in the first draft of Bringer of Light, there’s still a couple of chapters’ worth of resolution.

Given I’m still working on the first draft, it seems a little surreal to already be discussing the cover, but the publishing schedules currently have the book hitting the shelves in July next year. And so, I’ve been chatting to Nik Keevil, who has done some of my previous covers, about what I’d like on this one.

I’m very lucky to be consulted so closely about my covers; it’s one of the many things I love about being published by Gollancz. I’ve pulled together some descriptive passages for the artist, and I’m tempted to share them, but I suspect that would be foolish at this early stage. All I’ll say for now is that the scene that won’t leave my head is of a dramatic event in space. I look forward to seeing what Nik makes of it.

Meanwhile, with Guardians of Paradise hitting the shops in less than a month, I’m poised (or possibly braced) for the reviews, but so far my Google alert for the phrase is mainly turning up un-related references to t-shirts and posters.

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