The internet: all life is there

This week, I have mainly been proofreading. Specifically, checking the page proofs for Guardians of Paradise, which is due out in just over three months. Review copies should be ready to go out far sooner.

This means that the time has come to employ the marvels of t’internet to find out what, if anything, the (virtual) world has to say about my latest book. Or, to put it in language a geek might understand, to add the phrase ‘Guardians of Paradise’ to my ‘Google Alerts’.

I already have alerts set up for ‘Principles of Angels’ and ‘Consorts of Heaven’, and some very interesting results they give. In addition to relevant reviews, articles and examples of my books being sold/resold there’s an awful lot of non-relevant and often quite fringe religious stuff – mainly Christian for ‘Principles of Angels’ and Hindu for ‘Consorts of Heaven’. I’ve also had: Mesopotamian spirituality, the Indian tourist board, Jack Russel breeding (no, I have no idea why either), King George III, ghost-hunting, Smallpox vaccine, past-life regression, Sandra Bullock, levitation, monoclonal anti-bodies, the American civil war and alchemy. Blimey.

I await with interest to see what ‘Guardians of Paradise’ will bring up….

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