Three years ago today …

… I got the phone call that changed my life. The one from J, who is now my editor, offering me a three-book deal.

I still remember clearly the combined sense of elation and disbelief I felt, not just as she was talking to me but for about two days afterwards. It had finally happened. I was a ‘filthy rotten pro’.

It seems longer than three years, given how much I’ve learnt both about writing and about the industry that brings my books to readers around the world. At the time I remember my main concern was whether, having spent so long writing my first novel, I’d really be able to produce further novels on a yearly basis. So far, so good on that count.

So today I raise my glass (well, cup of tea actually) to those writers out there who’ve worked hard, written their million words of crap, and done everything they (legally) can to attract an editor’s attention, but who have yet to get that life-changing phone call. Here’s hoping you do.

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