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That was quite a week. The Orion party was as glam as ever, though also as hectic as ever with lots of ‘hullo, must chat later’ moments. My talk at PSiFA was well-received and led to interesting discussions, although being back at my old Uni after all this time was a bit surreal: everything was the same … only different. And then there was Picocon, which deserves a paragraph of its own.

Picocon is a small but perfectly formed convention which I really wish I’d discovered before. As a first Guest of Honour gig, it couldn’t be better. Being student run there’s a friendly, slightly chaotic atmosphere, with a distinct emphasis on fun. I have been to a fair few cons but this is the first one where I’ve seen a tacky Star Wars transformer figure dipped in liquid nitrogen and smashed with a sledgehammer, or stood aside so that two (technically) grown men wielding sea-bass could settle some long-lost point of honour in a trial by fish. I also got to prove my complete inability to play ‘Just a minute’, though I was robbed in the final round of ‘Mornington Crescent’, as I had the perfect strategy worked out, which the damn Terminators saw thru, curse them. The con were even kind enough to provide me with my own minion gofer, who looked after my every need, and to whom I drunkenly confided the secrets of the (well my) universe at the post-con meal. I’m sure she won’t remember …

I currently feel pleasantly drowned in all the non-writing excitement that can go with being an author. But now it’s time to head back up to t’garret

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  • RT : One of my previously published stories is slated to appear in the 'Sins and Other Worlds' anthology. The ToC looks wonderful and there are some nice bonuses on offer to backers on Kickstarter. Please click this link to support this exciting project: ,
  • 2 years time: UK: So Rest-of-world, we've cut ourselves off from our neighbours: doesn't that make trading with us a great proposition? *silence* 3 years time: UK: Come on, we've got great deals! Some-of-world: You desperate enough to take our shit deals yet? UK: Yes we are.,
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  • The prospect of rain around here is now so outlandish that the Met Office is giving us a yellow warning for a 30% chance of a light shower, presumably in case people panic at seeing water coming out of the sky.,
  • Thanks to all involved in organising the for a great evening. Sadly as I had to leave early I didn't get to take full advantage of the oversupply of wine.,