Death’s too good for ’em

No, not my characters. Spammers.

I’m pleased to report that turning the ‘comments’ facility on has resulted in actual comments, and almost no spam. However, this blog also allowed ‘trackbacks’, and this has led, over the last few weeks, to an ever-increasing volume of notifications of trackbacks regarding the efficacy of dodgy pharmaceuticals. As with comments, I need to approve or delete any trackbacks, and whilst the choice is pretty obvious, I really don’t have time to go in and individually remove several dozen of the little f*ckers every day. I have therefore asked M the Uber-geek to disable all trackbacks, in the hope that this will stem the tide. Comments should still work as they did.

I have no idea what the interweb drug pushers think they’ll gain by tracking back to an obscure SF writer’s website, but the ways of spammers are strange. I’m increasingly coming to wonder if the spoof article in Fortean Times a couple of years back might be true after all, and most of the spam we receive is in fact a virtual manifestation of the psychic emanations of a dying sex-starved galactic consciousness.

Obviously, any real people out there who want to link back to this blog are most welcome to do so; you just can’t use the trackback facility to do it.

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