Parish notices

Thanks all for the suggestions for a new name and masthead; people kept coming up with more which made the decision harder but I think I’m going to go for ‘Tales from the Garret’, though I’m going to see if I can’t also use cDave’s suggestion based on one of my earlier posts of ‘Only another 500 words until chocolate’.

I’ll try and turn comments on for future posts, assuming I remember (if I don’t feel free to nag me), but I’ll be moderating them to filter spam (of which there hasn’t actually been any so far, which is good). As I don’t check my email all that often (too busy writing, ok?) comments may take a while to appear.

Coming soon: some actual content for you to comment on. (I had plans, but I also had a deadline)

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  1. Alison Scott 9 December 2009 at 3:32 pm #

    I like “Tales from the Garrett”, but still think that “Ineluctably Masculine” would be perfect.

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