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The changes to this blog won’t be drastic, as I’m lazy and I don’t want to abuse the services of M the Uber-geek, given I only pay him peanuts parsnips. However, it does need a new name and masthead.

Really, as a writer I should be able to come up with something better than ‘Jaine Fenn’s Occasional Blog’ (or even ‘J N Fenn’s Occasional Blog’). And my use of the term ‘speculative fiction’ in a rather naive attempt to include my early forays into fantasy and slipstream doesn’t really wash; these days I’m definitely a science fiction writer, and I’ve finally realised what most other SF writers knew all along: ‘speculative fiction’ is a term most commonly used by literary writers who don’t want to be associated with that nasty sci-fi stuff.

I’ve come up with a few ideas, ranging from the pretentious to the plain daft, but now I can’t decide. So, I thought I’d ask you, dear (hypothetical) reader to help me out by voting on the list below. You might well point out that this isn’t going to be easy given that comments are currently disabled on this blog, something I did a while back to halt an ongoing deluge of spam (now there’s an image). So I’m afraid you’ll have to use the ‘Contact me’ button, with its spambot defeating eye-test.

If you do decide to get in contact, and you’d like me to turn the comment function back on, just say. Whilst I have no pretentions to creating the marvellously distracting virtual spaces hosted by some SF writers (might I recommend the reader to the fine blogs of mssrs. Stross and Scalzi in particular), I do feel, in a vague polite English way, that I’m being a bit rude by not providing an easy medium for comment.

On the other hand, I also accept that I might receive only resounding silence. That’s fine, my ego can handle it. However, if that’s the case, then you only have yourself(ves) to blame if this blog ends up with a particularly daft and/or inappropriate name.

And the nominations are:

– Meanwhile, in the Real World

– There and Gone (with apologies to Vaughan Stanger)

– Cosmic Brain Toffee

– Don’t Get Me Started

– Revealing Words

– You Want Nanotech With That?

– There’s a Thought

– Revealing Worlds (not a typo, just very similar to another suggestion)

– Never Mind the Quanta, Feel the Angst

… plus other, better ones you’re free to think up for yourselves. 

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