Ideal birthday gifts … or, The Thought-Cat Lives!

My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, and the two virtual causes for joy below arrived over the last week or so, but I couldn’t have asked for better presents than:

One – getting my first invitation to be a Guest of Honour at a convention. The con in question is Picocon, to be held at Imperial College, London on Saturday 27th February. I am very flattered, and a little nervous. More details will follow in due course. 

Two – finding out that Gollancz want to buy the next two Hidden Empire books, thus collapsing the waveform in a most gratifying way. There’s a full press release on my agent’s blog. In short, the fourth book will be entitled Bringer of Light and is due out in 2011, and the fifth will be Queen of Nowhere, due out in 2012. Like the first three, they will be self-contained stories that add to the overall picture, and will feature some of the characters introduced in the earlier novels. 

In other, related, news I hope to be making a few changes to this site soon, though it will remain the website for Jaine Fenn and not for J N Fenn even though they are (or soon will be) the same person, apparently.

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