Picking the Pops

I’m in a rather in-between place right now, writing wise. The next deadline will be when I go over the copyedits for Guardians of Paradise, probably in a month or so’s time. Until then I have two big projects I could get to work on, but neither of them are firing my enthusiasm, and until my current waveform collapses out of its uncertain state, I don’t know which of them I should be working on. I have been revising and sending off existing short stories while I wait for inspiration to strike, either on one of the potential novels, or on the various short story possibilities which still haven’t coalesced into anything usable in my subconscious.

I know I can’t force these things, so without a deadline to kick me into action, I’m letting myself drift. However, I am courting the illusion of achievement with a long-overdue sort-out in the garret. This largely takes the form of dismantling the paper barricades and filing any surviving paper in logical, rather than immediately convenient, places (I admit I’m rather hoping one of the bits of paper might have my missing inspiration on it). I’ve also decided to bring my audio arrangements into the 21st century.

I write to music. In fact, I have to have music to write, and it has to be the right music. Beloved maintains a 10,000+ track virtual music library, but I stubbornly refuse to put the computer in t’garret on the house hive mind wireless network (because I’m quite capable of passing off surfing the net as ‘research’ and hanging round on social networking sites as ‘self-promotion’, and both are much easier than actual writing). So I have to resort to playing CDs. This increases the clutter in t’ garret further, and results in interrupted work if the current of music in the pile isn’t right for the current scene.

I’m not intending to put our entire music collection on the machine in t’garret (assuming it would even fit), but I am planning to select a significant subset to copy over. This means making a list (I like lists), and though I don’t intend to copy the entire list into my blog (no one’s that interested) I may well put up a cocktail selection of favourite writing music. 

In the meantime, I notice that there’s a talk on Dark Matter at our local planetarium tonight… 

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