Life, and imitations thereof

Though I’ve not got much writing done over the last week, I’ve certainly been busy. I enjoyed playing at being medieval, especially the bit where I got to pose in a big frock with an eagle owl on my arm; beautiful bird, if a bit heavy after a while. I went to a village fete, which whilst not worse than death was definitely a local fete for local people, and as it wasn’t our village, and we don’t have a labrador, we felt less than welcome. Last night I hosted the meeting of the Tripod crit group, so named as there were three founder members, two of whom lived in Woking when we set it up (think about it … OK a clue: ooooo-laaahh). Other than that it’s been the usual round of pre-holiday household stuff, ready to begin the long drive north tomorrow for a week in a cottage in Scotland. (With, as far as I know, no internet – so no posts here for a while.)

I have started the final read-through-and-tweak on Guardians, and I’ll have to finish that on holiday ready to hand back to my editor on Monday week. Fortunately it’s a big cottage so there should be space for me to sit and mutter to myself. I should also be using the break to start thinking seriously about the next major project (of which more later), but I’m not sure that’s where my head is right now. Last week’s short story tinkering, combined with various concepts shaken lose as a result of my recent reading plus a cool idea I had while brushing my teeth (nothing to do with brushing or teeth) have together convinced me of the need to write something short. Not sure exactly what yet, but it’s fermenting just below the surface, and if the weather is even half as bad as predicted we won’t be going out much while we’re away, so hopefully something might drop out of my subconscious by the end of the week. 

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