In which Jaine plans to visit t’Smoke twice in one month

Despite an encroaching lurgy, I’m intending to take a trip up town tomorrow for the Gollancz autumn party. The plan (South West Trains and Northern Line permitting) is to drop into the Forbidden Planet megastore on Shaftsbury Avenue en route (probably between 5.45pm and 6pm – it’ll be a flying visit) to buy books I can’t get anywhere else, and sign any copies of my own stuff they have lying around. I hope to be in the excellent the company of the other two Gollancz Princesses, Alex Bell and Suzanne Mcleod. If you’re passing and want to drop in, I’ll be the short one in red and black with a box of tissues.

I’ll also be in good company in a month’s time, when I’m taking part in Sci-Fi London’s Octoberfest, along with Alastair Reynolds, Paul McAuley and Paul Graham Raven. The event is happening over two days; the panel we’re on will be on the evening of Friday 23rd October in the very cool setting of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

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