Hippy on a stick

Further to last week’s announcements, I’m letting the world know that my good friend Sue M – Hugo-award winning artist, purple hippy and all round bad grrrl – will soon be taking a turn at being, rather than producing, art.

She’ll be up on a certain plinth in a certain Square next Thursday the 3rd of September if anyone fancies checking out the webcast between 1pm and 2pm – ideal lunch-time viewing for those of a not-too-delicate disposition. She will mainly be recounting stories about her cats, which will easily fill an hour, though she will also be providing ‘commercial breaks’ during which she plans to display posters for work by other struggling artists in various genres (including one for yours truly).

Given the posters are on card and she’ll have an electric amp to make herself heard, we’re rather hoping for an improvement in the weather.

(And I promise my next post here will have some actual content, as opposed to just newsflashes and adverts.)

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