Double bad Jaine, one good night out

Well firstly I’m bad because I did no writing whatsoever over the weekend. Instead I went to a beach-themed BBQ, took part in a medieval re-enactment show, attended a party and wandered round the local zoo in the sunshine. Actually I did sort of do some work at the zoo, as while we were trying to spot cheetahs in their enclosure (I love the fact that the zoo has big enclosures rather than cages, but it can make seeing the animals a bit challenging) Beloved and I discussed the implications and limitations of Sidhe mental programming, much to the confusion and concern of the family who were picnicking nearby.

Second bad Jaine moment is something that occurred to me over the weekend, which is that Guardians of Paradise fails the Bechdel test. This, for those not familiar with it, is a set of criteria which basically come down to having two female characters talk about something other than men. Principles of Angels certainly passes, as when the two main women finally meet up they’ve got far more important things to discuss (I say discuss, but it’s not exactly a normal conversation). Consorts of Heaven doesn’t pass, but I plead partriarchal society: there aren’t many female characters in it, and when they do get together their cultural background means they’re unlikely to get the chance to discuss much of import. But with Guardians of Paradise I have an even mix of genders, yet only one meeting of significance between women, during which they are indeed talking about one of the male characters. Damn. It’s too late to change it now, and it is what it is, but that’s food for thought.

In other, utterly unrelated news, I’m going to pimp someone else’s event. Anyone not bored of 40th anniversary Moon Landing stuff (and I’m not even if the media slant has occasionally infuriated me) and who lives in London (which I don’t so I can’t make it, alas) might want to check out this performance on the 18th and 20th of August. 

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