One month to go

A month today, Consorts of Heaven will come out in hardback and trade paperback. Two days after that, on the 23rd of May, I’ll be doing a signing at Little Green Dragon bookshop in Alton, Hants, from 1.30 to 2.30, after which I’ll be nipping over the road to the pub for a less formal celebration with anyone who’s interested. If you are coming to the signing, please do buy your copy of the book from Little Green Dragon, as we need to support our local independent bookshops, or we’ll lose them.

I’ve seen a couple of early reviews of Consorts, one very positive, one rather less so. The points raised by the latter are, annoyingly, quite fair and accurate. Even more annoyingly, as a result of something that came up in the rework on Guardians of Paradise, I have thought of a simple and effective way to address one of the major issues the reviewer picked up on, specifically how what is actually an SF book does far too good an impression of being fantasy for the first half. Sadly, it’s a bit late now.

And finally, I would like to recommend a book which has cheered me up immensely recently: Space Captain Smith by Toby Frost (it’s a small press publication but is available in all the usual places). The book is, frankly, a bit silly, but in a highly intelligent way. The sequel, which I’m going to read while I’m on holiday next week, is the fantastically titled ‘God Emperor of Didcot’.

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