Start the week

So far, this is shaping up to be a fairly good week.

I’ve seen the final proof for the cover of Consorts of Heaven, and it is a most handsome thing.

There is also a valid reason for limited writing avoidance this week, in the form of the BBC Radio SF season, of which more details can be found here (with thanks to N who provided the link). I’ve missed several programmes, and I will miss some more, but Thursday’s afternoon play – an adaption of Iain M Banks’s ‘The State of the Art’ – is a definite date.

And last but not least, I’ve sold a short story. It’s to the small but well-thought-of American magazine Aoife’s Kiss. The story is actually (gasp) fantasy, though somewhat warped. Not usually what I write (the ‘fantasy’ bit, not the ‘warped’ – I can do warped), and, apparently, not usually what that particular editor buys. There’s a fair lead time on the magazine, so the story should appear around this time next year.

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