Signin’ time

With Consorts of Heaven due to hit the shelves in a little over two months, it’s time to think about book signings. I’ve got two planned, a week apart (this seemed to work last time).

The first is on May 23rd at Little Green Dragon in Alton. I lived in Alton for some years and this was my local independent bookshop. The signing session will probably take place around lunchtime, with an optional post-signing trip to a local hostelry.

The second is on May 30th, at Forbidden Planet in Southampton (exact timing tbc). This is a ‘three for the price of one’ deal, as it’s not just me but the other two ‘princesses of fantasy fiction’,  Alex Bell and Suzanne MacLeod.

I realise these events are both in the same geographical area – hopefully I might do something in London or somewhere further north later on. I’ll post further details on these and any others here when I have them.

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