Minor diversions at Rewrite Mountain

I’ve still not seen any reviews of Consorts of Heaven. With a mixture of egoism and paranoia that I’m none to proud of, I did Google for it, in case there were reviews out there, but they were so awful that my publicist decided not to draw my attention to them. I didn’t find any, though as well as the pleasingly large number of sites that will stock the book when it does come out, I also got some hits on stuff by Swedenborg for ‘heaven’ and ‘consorts’ which tickled me, as he’s an interesting chap whose stuff I’d like to find time to read more of.

I’ve also put in initial responses for another online panel for Bookgeeks – a link will appear here in due time. And I’ve written a short (print only) piece for an upcoming BSFA publication, on the film Aliens. Whilst it’s not my favourite SF film of all time (that’ll be Bladerunner) and it’s a bit outside my normal tastes, Aliens is a brilliant film that stands the test of time.

And, finally, I’ve got going on the rewrites for Guardians of Paradise. Mainly small stuff so far, but I know (and my crit group confirmed) that the central section of the book contains some rather sketchy writing, where in order to get the story down I was putting down pretty much the first thing that came into my head. This needs expanding and, in some cases, re-thinking. As a result, rather than my usual method of reducing a first draft by 10% or so in the rewrite as I cut out the dead wood, I expect the wordcount to actually increase.

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