Bound proof

I’ve just got the bound proof of Consorts of Heaven. (Actually it arrived yesterday but I was busy discovering new forms of Tupperware-based life in my one-day mission to clear out the mother-in-law’s kitchen.) 

This proof doesn’t have a full-colour glossy cover, but that’s fine, as it also doesn’t have any obvious mistakes (the title’s spelt correctly, for a start). I find myself more apprehensive about the reviews for this one than I was with Principles. Because that was my first book I had no expectations – and neither did the critics. The positive reviews I got (and most were pretty positive) were a very pleasant surprise. Consorts is that awkward second book, and there will be some expectations from those who’ve read Principles,  expectations I may confound, and not necessarily in a good way; for a start, the book isn’t set on Vellern and it doesn’t feature the same characters, even if there is a strong causal link between the two stories.

I’ll post links to the reviews here – the good and the bad (and if it’s the latter I’ll try not to moan too piteously about how my great genius is so badly misunderstood).

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