Unreality not co-operating

I’ve come down from the garret because I’ve got to a tricky bit with Guardians of Paradise and I need to do something else for a while to let my head cool down.

We’ve just reached the first meeting between two of the four viewpoint characters. I say meeting, but it’s actually a remote conversation held over a secure com line, on the grounds that if they met, one or other of them would end up dead for reasons of politics, vengeance and a mismatch in world-views. They both want something the other one has. At the same time, neither of them wants to give away what they know to the other one.

Normally I’d cut to another thread at this point, but my remaining two viewpoint characters are currently both seriously indisposed, what with one being in stasis and the other unconscious as a result of having her head screwed with something rotten.

I think I’m going to go downstairs now and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Appropriately enough, it’s angel cake.

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