The turning of the year

The first draft of ‘Guardians’ is up to 79,000 words now – I expect it’ll come in around 90 to 95K in the end. The next couple of chapters are planned in some detail, though the big coming-together-with running-around-and-potential-violence is still somewhat vague, as is the fall-out afterwards.

And now, a few days off while someone else cooks (I promised Beloved I wouldn’t write on Christmas day this year), after which we’ll be continuing our tour of friends to end up at Portmeirion for New Year, with me snatching writing time when I can. It’s not impossible I’ll finish before 2009, but it’s not that likely either.

As we’ll be out and about I’ll only have occasional internet access, so this will probably be the last post here for a couple of weeks. If you’re reading this before the festive season, make sure you have a good one.

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