Whatever happened to Saturday night?

It’s been a week of much wordage.

I would be way ahead of my NaNoWriMo word-count by now, had I not been ambushed by a back-story. Late Sunday evening I realised that around about Tuesday a new character would be making an appearance in Guardians of Paradise who could, if I didn’t put in the effort, become a cliche who lived only to serve the plot. If I did put the effort she could be quite interesting, because something unusual had to have happened to her in the past to make her what she is when we meet her in Guardians. So I gave her some of my thinking time on Monday, and when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had her story. I then spent the next two days writing it down – hence getting behind on my novel word-count.

Today I did 3,000 words on Guardians, which pleased me greatly, until I got an email from one of my friends and fellow NaNoers – she’s done 3K today too, and now she’s off clubbing. OK, so she lives in London, and hence getting out is easier for her, but it still made me wistful for my lost social life.

There’s nothing for it: I’m off downstairs to open another bottle of Shiraz and spend the rest of the evening taunting the gamers who are currently filling my living room with dice and junk-food wrappers.

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