Subcontracting my brain

November been a crazy month, writing-wise. It’s left me somewhat out of sorts, and I could use a small favour.

So there I was, all set to pump up my wordcount on the first draft of Guardians of Paradise by dint of NaNoWriMo (always a great motivator) when, one third of the way into the month, my editor requests more rewrites on Consorts of Heaven. Then, ten days after that, I get the proofs for the mass-market ppb of Principles of Angels. Well, I’ve done a first pass at the edits (I now need to leave them to gestate before a final read-through) and I’m most of the way through the proofs. So, I can go back to actual writing.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I broke off from the hectic wordfest that is NaNoWriMo at just the wrong moment, and I’ve come back to Guardians with major doubts, mainly because I stopped at that stage (about two thirds in) at which many writers start to seriously doubt themselves; what I like to call the ‘What the f*ck was I thinking of?’ stage.

As a result, it’s been a fight to get anywhere since my lovely day off on Tuesday (I never work on my birthday; oh, all right, so I did have a plot-related conversation on cryptanalysis with Beloved over dinner, but I was drunk and didn’t take notes). My main motivation now is the need to get this first draft finished in the next three and a half weeks so I can have Xmas off. It doesn’t have to be good, just complete and in a state where it can be rewritten into something presentable next year.

I’ve also found myself resorting to placeholders in the text when I need names, something I dislike doing. This is partly because the Maori dictionary that was en route to me from New Zealand has gone astray, and I’d rather hold off than guess non-English words. But today I found myself faffing over the name of a ship, and – naughty Jaine! – using the search for it (on album covers and in my subconscious) as an excuse for not to getting more words down on (virtual) paper.

Now, beloved reader, here’s where you come in. Can you name my starship for me? It needs to be a two-word name, and gentle irony is encouraged (names used so far include the ‘Judas Kiss’ and the ‘Setting Sun’). Suggestions via my comments page please (so nothing involving the word viagra, that already being what most of the mail from that page seems to be about). There’s no guarantee I’ll use any suggestions, because I’m a fickle creature, but I’d still appreciate them.

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