Oddly apt

After my return from Milford my intermittent neck and upper back complaint flared up again, getting so bad that last night I shelled out for an osteopath (good job I got that tax rebate last month; I’d been planning to spend it on something nice … actually, not being in pain is nice, just not what I had in mind).

I’ve been trying to work out what, during the Milford week, might have caused the problem. I reckon it could well have been because I was working on a desk that was way too low for me, so I was looking down at the screen on my laptop. Though my desk in the garret isn’t that bad, when I thought about it I realised that this was also true to an extent up there (as my garret deliberately has no internet access, I’m writing this on the computer downstairs).

So, I looked around for something I could safely put my laptop on to raise it to the right height. Rifling the shelves produced only one book of the correct size and shape – Patrick Moore’s ‘New Atlas of the Universe’. I find the idea that I’ll now be writing on the universe to be most pleasing.

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