I’m off to Newcon 4 later today, an SF convention being held (much to my editor’s amusement) in a converted fish-market in Northampton. Actually, despite the inauspicious setting, it looks like it’s going to be a pretty good little con.

I’m doing a reading (I still haven’t decided exactly of what) and I’m on a panel on Space Opera, which should be fun, if a little daunting, as I’m sharing the table with such luminaries as Ken MacLeod and Ian M Banks.

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  • What, it's ? Damn, should have gone back to sleep after the alarm went off after all.,
  • Liking the guest spot for The Great Cthulhu in this week's Shame he didn't get the job.,
  • OK, I'm only going to do this once, because the deadline is today: THE MARTIAN JOB is eligible for a Hugo in the 'Best Novella' category . I feel kind of dirty now...,
  • Thanks to fully indulging my morning creative process* I managed a thousand words before breakfast. Boo-yar! *lie in bed for an hour after the alarm goes off, just THINKING.,
  • Woke up to find that the net intellectual capacity of the human race has been reduced by the size on one huge, genius brain. RIP Stephen Hawking.,