Back now, out now

Newcon was good, although the fish market was slightly chilly at night and provided occasional surreal moments. For example, it was only when the dealers’ room was packing up that I realised the booksellers had not, as I thought, brought big sloping tables to display their wares on; they were in fact using the marble slabs originally used to display fish – complete with a run-off drain, now presumably clogged up with excess words.

The only organisational snafu I noticed was the bar running out of beer on Saturday night (suppliers never believe how much real ale SF fans can drink), though the fish-market staff were less than ept generally, a fact probably due to the place being some sort of artists’ co-operative. One pleasing side-effect of this arrangement was the large number of pretty young things serving in the bar and cafe, one of whom would, with longer hair and another half metre of height, would been the absolute spit of Taro from Principles of Angels.

Saturday night saw the launch of the latest Newcon Press anthology, ‘Subterfuge’ in which I have a story entitled ‘Collateral Damage’. It’s a sort of prequel to Principles, or rather a character study of someone who doesn’t actually appear in the book, save in her influence over the plot. As the book is small press, only specialist bookshops are likely to sell it, though it’s also up on Amazon.

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